Tom Stevenson

Sparkling wine: The stars of the future

It’s a question I’m always being asked: Where will the next classic brut style sparkling wine hot spot be? And it is being asked even more often since the meteoric rise of English sparkling wine. If world-class

Magnums, Jéroboams, and single bottles: The rhyme and reason of it all

An eminent wine writer emailed the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) about last year’s results, claiming, “It’s all very well saying the best English sparkling wine is in a Jéroboam. I’ve never even seen one.

Liqueur de tirage: Bottling it!

Tom Stevenson on the complex processes involved in the application of liqueur de tirage. I doubt that anyone who is sufficiently into wine to subscribe to The World of Fine Wine will be unaware of the liqueur

Fire and brimstone

This might surprise a few people, but the reductive style of sparkling wine does not always fill me with joy. While I see no sense in or derive any fulfilment from its illegitimate half-brother, the so-called oxidative

Light Strike Awareness: Is sunshine ruining your wine?

What is the latest thinking on the potentially damaging effects of light on sparkling wine—and what can be done to avoid them? The famous Italian scientist Galileo Galilei is quoted as saying “Wine is sunlight, held together