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Seven short texts by Andrew Jefford

By Andrew Jefford |  March 17 2022

Andrew Jefford

Over the past 11 years, WFW contributing editor Andrew Jefford has been using his Twitter feed to publish a series of short poetic texts. Many of these works are inspired by—or have some connection to—the themes of wine and terroir.

Earlier this year, WFW asked Andrew to make a selection of these loosely wine-themed short texts. Here we feature the first of a series of Andrew’s selections, accompanied by an original painting inspired by Andrew’s words by the painter and illustrator, Claudia Silva.


Seven Short Texts


Andrew Jefford


We drink our time

from light so drink drink

while light there is enough




Frost-stung, the olive tree

casts its airy net

for the sky’s spare silver




Rain, wind, light

wander in us: each

a brief crux




Wine is the fat

between chafed skin

and jarred bone




Only lying water

discovers the truth

of how the flat field tilts




The dry time done, now

the dark nurses stride over the hill:

a rain cure




It is – that mountains fall

by dint of soft rain alone we

may know time



Image by Claudia Silva, 2022 (watercolor and gouache)

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