Andrew Jefford

One Bottle: 2015 Damien Laureau Le Bel Ouvrage Savennières

Andrew Jefford on a single interesting bottle from the Loire. The boat... Read more

Nick Ryan

Grosset and Toole: The keys to a winemaking marriage

Jeffrey Grosset and Stephanie Toole are not the first winemaking couple the... Read more

Dr Erik Skovenborg

Dr Erik Skovenborg

Wine as part of a healthy lifestyle

In his debut column for The World of Fine Wine, first published... Read more

Ch'ng Poh Tiong

Bordeaux, fruit, and Mother Nature

The 2021 vintage in Bordeaux may have had its challenges, but the... Read more

Michel Bettane

Terroir or human hand

There is little need for me to provide a recap of the... Read more

Harry Eyres

On inheriting a wine library

One of my regrets is that I couldn’t keep my wine merchant... Read more

Hugh Johnson

Drinking windows: A vintage too soon or too late?

When is it time to drink a vintage, and when should we... Read more

Tim James

Paardeberg: On the magic mountain

As fall advanced, I stood in a vineyard on the low slopes... Read more

Andrew Jefford

Thomas Bachelder 2018 Wismer-Foxcroft Nord Chardonnay: True north in Niagara

Andrew Jefford is inspired by a single bottle of Thomas Bachelder 2018 ... Read more

Andrew Jefford

Pepe Raventós 2010 Mas del Serral: Return to the farm

Andrew Jefford is inspired by a single bottle of Pepe Raventós 2010... Read more

Harry Eyres

The wine co-operative: The poetry of co-operation

Looking for the poetry in wine, I’ve tended to overlook the wine... Read more

Tom Stevenson

Sparkling wine: The stars of the future

It’s a question I’m always being asked: Where will the next classic... Read more

David Schildknecht

La Tâche, wine, and art: The stakeholders’ dilemma

Andrew Jefford (WFW 72, pp.132–37) deems what he terms “wine’s transactional flaw”... Read more

Harry Eyres

In praise of alcohol

To write a paean in praise of alcohol in relation to wine... Read more

Michel Bettane

Inebriation and its ills

The artistic elite of the Western world has always looked kindly, not... Read more

Tim James

No hollow vessels

Tim James explores the pleasing profusion of materials and shapes in modern... Read more

Andrew Jefford

One Bottle: William Fèvre 2016 Petit Chablis Les Crioux

Here’s a shock, in a glass. A step out on deck in... Read more

David Schildknecht

Appellations and categories: Spurious specifications

The scourge of “appellationism” has already been treated in this series of... Read more

Harry Eyres

Steven Spurrier and lightness of touch

Steven Spurrier disappeared from the wine world, and from this vale of... Read more

Tom Stevenson

Magnums, Jéroboams, and single bottles: The rhyme and reason of it all

An eminent wine writer emailed the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships... Read more

Andrew Jefford

One Bottle: 2018 La Madeleine de St Mont, Plaimont, St Mont

I have never walked the long roads to Santiago de Compostela, and... Read more

David Schildknecht

On typicity in wine: Bandwidth

When it comes to typicity in wine, it's increasingly hard to make... Read more

Tom Stevenson

Liqueur de tirage: Bottling it!

Tom Stevenson on the complex processes involved in the application of liqueur... Read more

Andrew Jefford

One Bottle: 2019 Domaine Pégaline Le Côté Obscur Pic St Loup

Le côté obscur means “the dark side.” Darkness, in these rancorous times,... Read more

Hugh Johnson

Chappellet: heavenly music on Pritchard Hill

  It was probably Jack Davies at Schramsberg who told me there... Read more

Tim James

What next will be new out of Africa

The Oxford Companion to Wine ventures a trenchant opinion  on the quality... Read more

Michel Bettane

A natural wine charter

For many years, I did not always make myself popular by repeating... Read more

David Schildknecht

Beginner’s palate

In a packed Carnegie Hall, just two days before New York City... Read more

Tom Stevenson

Fire and brimstone

This might surprise a few people, but the reductive style of sparkling... Read more

Andrea Frost

Sir Roger Scruton: For the love of wine and wisdom

My experience with Sir Roger Scruton started—as most philosophical journeys do— with... Read more

Tom Stevenson

Light Strike Awareness: Is sunshine ruining your wine?

What is the latest thinking on the potentially damaging effects of light... Read more

Harry Eyres

The classical essence of Napa Cab

  While 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as the year... Read more

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