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Seven Short Texts II by Andrew Jefford

By Andrew Jefford |  May 13 2022

Seven Short Texts by Andrew Jefford
© Michael Jefford

Over the past 11 years, WFW contributing editor Andrew Jefford has been using his Twitter feed to publish a series of short poetic texts. Many of these works are inspired by—or have some connection to—the themes of wine and terroir.

Earlier this year, WFW asked Andrew to make a selection of these loosely wine-themed short texts. Here we feature the second of a series of Andrew’s selections, accompanied by an original illustration inspired by Andrew’s words by his artist brother, Michael Jefford.



Seven Short Texts II


Andrew Jefford


Leaf serves earth last, as once

it sweetened air, fed fruit,

built heartwood. And you?




Half are given

a box of seeds;

the rest a patch of earth




A million years of rain

on stone, a valley carved – and still

no meaning




The river’s banquet

set on cloths of rippled cloud:

a feast of sliding




No home — beyond

the webby midlight of our bank





One sniff and the truth

is out one sniff always

beyond deceiving one sniff




No one on the beach heard it whisper

that it had once been

a mountain



Seven Short Texts by Andrew Jefford

Wader by Michael Jefford. Digital print of original acrylic artwork.

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