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A letter from Burgundy: Auxey-Duresses

By Sarah Marsh MW

The World of Fine Wine's Burgundy critic sings the praises of Auxey-Duresses—an underrated village that has shone in the warm conditions of the 2018, 2019, and 2020 vintages. In my previous blog I wrote about 2017 Burgundy,

David Schildknecht

On typicity in wine: Bandwidth

When it comes to typicity in wine, it's increasingly hard to make generalizations, says David Schildknecht. The diversification that characterizes viticulture and winemaking in our new millennium appears to have developed paradoxically in parallel with consensus concerning

Tom Stevenson

Liqueur de tirage: Bottling it!

Tom Stevenson on the complex processes involved in the application of liqueur de tirage. I doubt that anyone who is sufficiently into wine to subscribe to The World of Fine Wine will be unaware of the liqueur

Andrew Jefford

One Bottle: 2019 Domaine Pégaline Le Côté Obscur Pic St Loup

Le côté obscur means “the dark side.” Darkness, in these rancorous times, haunts our consciousness and discourse; dark arts have taken public life, of late, to dark places—or so it appears to many. The difficult label of

Hugh Johnson

Chappellet: heavenly music on Pritchard Hill

  It was probably Jack Davies at Schramsberg who told me there was something exciting going on on the other side of the valley. I had already fallen in love with Schramsberg, an improbable white mansion high